SQUARS is an in-house developed, fully web-based AR creation software.
By providing the tools to create and share immersive experiences, we strive to bring value to businesses and end-users alike.
Our mission is to become THE go-to WebAR platform for agencies and organizations working in the advertising sector.

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Our approach

Our six core values have shaped our vision and corporate culture since the beginning.
They act as a beacon for our team and guide the choices and decisions we make every day.

  • Your Success

    Your Success

    We prioritize your success and always offer full support to achieve your goals.

  • Strong Quality

    Strong Quality

    We're committed to innovating and delivering the best possible products to support your goals.

  • All In One

    All In One

    From creating AR content to communicating with your team and clients in real time, all directly in SQUARS.

  • Highest Accessibility

    Highest Accessibility

    Explore SQUARS AR anytime, anywhere using just your web browser and camera.

  • Good Reliability

    Good Reliability

    We promise and deliver what we say as a reliable platform with transparent communication.

  • Simplicity


    SQUARS is all about user-friendliness. No apps or prior knowledge required to start your first AR project with us.

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Get in touch

Want to know more about SQUARS? We'd be happy to get in touch.
Contact us via support@squars.io.